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What We Do

App Creation

We are a professional App development company in India specializing in creating amazing UI/UX designs for all mobile devices. We create interactive app designs for all devices including iOS and Android. Our creative designers deliver a holistic solution that aims to transform your business into a brand.

We provide our clients an interactive prototype of the final design.

Mobile App development is one of our core strengths, and we at Myth Digital will help grow your company exponentially by creating robust and intuitive apps. Our software architect controls the performance of the development team, reviews code quality, and makes sure that the deliverables meet your expectations - who will own the project and be your point of contact for any work management.

We are thorough with our research and implement smooth designs, add amazing functionalities, and power-packed features. We not only help build solutions around project requirements but also help the client in arriving at a decision by asking a lot of questions. We promise to stay on budget and deliver projects successfully within the given timeframe.

Website Development

From concept to application software development, Myth Digital specializes in the entire mobile app development cycle, from diverse to complex needs. Our team with hands-on experience makes it possible for us to achieve this.

Myth Digital provides a full-service custom web design aimed at targeting the audience of any business. We have created several solutions that are based on user-centric designs with a combination of simple yet appealing visuals. Our team consists of user-experience and conversion rate optimization specialists who have created some really awesome websites that are simple to use for all the users and they look great!

As a creative web development company, we offer a whole gamut of services that will help you find everything under one roof -

  • Wordpress Development
  • Plugin Installation
  • API Developer
  • Marketplace Website Development
  • WooCommerce Website
  • PHP Development
  • Mobile UI/ UX design
  • React.js Development
  • Angular.js development
  • Vue.js development
Radio Advertising Services

We are not just a specialist at creating, recording, and producing radio ad content but also at ensuring you can promote it all on most radio channels. The Radio station isn’t just entertainment but also a great platform for advertising to reach masses at a very low marketing budget. Radio Slots buying and advertising is an excellent way to run the best radio campaigns with huge guaranteed customer reach.

TV Slots

TV is the most powerful media, being the only one that can touch such a big audience in a fraction of time. Myth Digital assists in regional TV advertisement which helps you generate a direct response to your product/ services. Your TV campaign motivates TV viewers to know more about your company as well as your services/products.

Our Skills

We are a One stop solution for all infrastructure and construction requirements.

  • App Creation
  • Website Development
  • Post Production Promotion - Radio
  • Post Production Promotion - TV

Our Clients

Clients Testimonials


Myth Digital amazes us with the professionalism and dedication they bring to the table in every project. They are smart, quick, and versatile in their approach. This is the reason we consider them as our priority partners for multiple engagements.

Ravi Srivastava
Radio Mirchi - Technical manpower help